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Girobank is offering through this campaign the following possibilities for a new mortgage or the increase of an existing mortgage
  1. Possibility to apply for a reduced interest for a fixed period of time, to be determined by Girobank
  2. Period for the application: Monday June 10, through Monday September 30, 2019
  3. Reduced interest rate: 4.95%.
  4. Interest period: fixed during the entire term, provided that there are no major changes in interest rates on the market. A major change on the market is to be considered a change of 0.5% or more. In this case Girobank reserves the right to charge the client an additional interest up to the difference between the 4.95% and the new interest rate on the market
  5. Eligibility:
  • For natural persons residing in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a Dutch passport
  • For new mortgages at Girobank, applied for between Monday June 10, through Monday September 30, 2019
  • For existing clients who already have a mortgage at Girobank, but who are applying for an increase on their existing mortgage, with a minimum of ANG 50,000
  • The mortgage is used by the client for the purchase of the first house or to purchase a piece of land/property to build clients’ first house upon. Not for properties destined for rent
  • At the moment of applying, there are no past debts (payments in arrear) to Girobank
  • The client must meet with all conditions, applicable by Girobank
    • This offer is conditional and shall by no means construct an agreement between the client and Girobank, upon  the client applying for a mortgage or an increase of the mortgage.
    • Only with the explicit written approval by Girobank, which is based on criteria and merits to the full and sole discretion of Girobank, an agreement between Girobank and the client will be considered as in effect. This agreement will be formalized in a notary deed. The costs for this deed are for the account of the client.
    • Upon the signing of the mortgage agreement, the client will have the possibility to choose a gift voucher of ANG 500 from either Asogas, Building Depot or the restaurant Steak and Ribs

The client will also participate in a raffle.

 In order to be eligible to participate in this raffle, the following conditions apply:

  1. The mortgage must have been approved by Girobank and formalized in a notarial deed
  2. No past debts (payments in arrear) to Girobank on the date of the raffle

The raffle will be executed as follows:

  • The raffle will take place on Monday October 14, 2019 in the presence of a notary
  • The raffle will be digital
  • The winner will be called and made public through the media
  • The prize consists of 2 retour tickets with Avianca from Curaçao to Costa Rica. The terms and conditions of Avianca apply
  • Girobank is not responsible, nor can be held liable for taxes and other airport/carrier fees, tourist fees, availability at the time of traveling or blackout dates. Girobank is also not responsible nor can be held liable for the visa of the passengers at the time of traveling